Monday, February 15

My little iPhoner

I know one of Dr. C's assignments is to film an "older" person learning new media, but I thought you might get a kick out of a video from the other end of the spectrum. Here is my 3½-year-old son, Spencer, demonstrating his prowess on the iPhone. (Disclaimer: Everything he learned about using it was from observation and imitation. We didn't sit him down for lessons!)


Shelley Hazen said...

That is GREAT! :) Now, if I could just get my cats to play with my iPhone, maybe I could get an A for the semester! LOL

Traveler Cat said...

I am going to be getting an iPhone in a few days and I can only hope that I will be able to use it so well at first! I do think it is interesting that at only 3 he is already showing an interest and aptitude for a highly complex piece of technology. I guess this is the next generation that will be doing the equivalent of "programming the VCR clock" for us when we are old. I still remember getting my first cell phone and how techy I felt with it, at the tender age of 19 (I think 11 or so is average now!)